Affinity Groups

Fellow affinity groups are formed and managed by current and alumni fellows. They provide a forum to meet and discuss issues related to areas of targeted interest, including various areas of science, policy, and other topical issues.

A few examples of current affinity groups include: Big Data, Energy and Climate, Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction, and Science Diplomacy. Affinity group activities range from presentations and discussions with distinguished guest speakers, to monthly meetings and gatherings over coffee, workshops, full day symposia, and multi-day conferences.

Affinity Groups Directory

Current and alumni fellows can access the full list of currently active affinity groups and learn how to get involved by clicking here.


Invitation to Hold AG Meetings at Koshland Science Museum

In addition to reserving space at AAAS, through a relationship with the Koshland Science Museum, affinity groups can request to have their meetings at Koshland if space at AAAS is not available or if their space and location better fit your needs. Koshland can also help you develop your event program by accessing their network of content experts. More details can be found in the affinity group guidelines.

The main point of contact at Koshland is Patrice Legro, director of the museum. She can be reached at 202.334.2728 or plegro@nas.edu.