News - Fellowship Focus

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Fall 2015 Fellowship Focus

News: Class of 2015-16; Science Must Change Radically

Summer 2015 Fellowship Focus

News: U.S. Visualizes Data for Global Change; Beyond "Red sky at night"

Spring 2015, Fellowship Focus

Sexiest Job; Dialing for Labor Rights; A Beautiful MRKH Life

Winter 2014, Fellowship Focus

Alumnus to become AAAS CEO; Shake and Make; Ebola forum

3rd Quarter 2014, Fellowship Focus

The 2014-15 Fellows Class Is Here to Learn and Lead.

2nd Quarter 2014, Fellowship Focus

NSB Public Service Award, ASEAN, Fellows in the News and more

1st Quarter 2014, Fellowship Focus

Fellow helps Matt Damon communicate science; New resource portal connects science with policy; Fellow runs for state senate; New fellowship is born; Get published!; and more…

4th Quarter 2013, Fellowship Focus

We look back on a grand year of celebration as the S&T Policy Fellowships 40th anniversary year comes to its close.

3rd Quarter 2013, Fellowship Focus

AAAS was honored in August to receive recognition from the White House acknowledging our 40th anniversary.

2nd Quarter 2013, Fellowship Focus

On 3 May, more than 600 fellows, representatives from executive branch and congressional host offices and agencies, partner societies, and guests gathered to honor the 40-year history of the S&T Policy Fellowships program, celebrate accomplishments, and usher in the fifth decade of operation.