Recruitment & Outreach

Data consistently demonstrates that alumni Fellows are the number one way prospective candidates hear about the Fellowships. Alumni Fellows are an integral means of sharing the value of the S&T Policy Fellowship program and demonstrating how science informs and transforms policy, systems and action. A number of opportunities are available for current and alumni Fellows to share their Fellowship experiences. Opportunities range from speaking at your alma mater and/or academic institutions in your region, volunteering for a conference panel, speaking with prospective candidates at the Fellowships' exhibit booth at professional conferences, or submitting a panel proposal for a professional conference you will be attending. Have an idea for how you would like to share your Fellowship experience with others? Let us know!

To learn how you can share your Fellowship experience with others, see list of upcoming Fellowship outreach opportunities. To get involved contact: Salaeha Shariff, Project Director, Outreach/Engagement, sshariff@aaas.org.

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