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Dorothy Yuan
Posted Jul 14

What is it to be human? For decades, geneticists and evolutionary biologists have been trying to pinpoint what specific parts of our DNA shape our unique origins.

image:  women and sustainability
Gillian Bowser
Posted Jun 16
By Gillian Bowser, Colorado State University and Diane Husic, Moravian College


Judy Keen
Posted Jun 16

How to change science graduate education has been a highly debated and contested topic for several years now.

Benjamin Wang
Posted Jun 12

The United States Marine Corps’ attempt to establish objective, data-driven standards that determine whether women can serve in combat positions is inextricable from the social norms of our military.

Mauna Kea Summit (from University of Hawaii)
Rik Williams
Posted May 20

As a broad coalition of universities and governments prepares to build the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) on the Mauna Kea summit, new protests have called the future of the project into question.


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