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Scales of Justice
Shubha Ghosh
Posted Sep 06

One way scientific knowledge is introduced in litigation is during the appeal of a trial. In this situation, scientific facts are introduced through an amicus brief authored by a third party, such as a professional organization, trade association, or academic institution.

Family Tree
Lynn Hull
Posted Sep 05

I’m lucky that my mother’s cousin spent years tracking down our family’s ancestry including photographs, news clippings, and really detailed lineages. But what if he hadn’t and I got the bug to research my family’s past? Would I turn to an online site?

Diana Zuckerman
Posted Aug 11

The media frenzy surrounding the Ebola crisis in West Africa shows that many journalists don’t understand that an experimental drug is just that – a scientific experiment.

Feather pen, paper and ink
Lynn Adams
Posted Aug 07

At least once a month, AAAS Policy Fellows get an email from a Sci on the Fly editor with a suggestion for a blog post – it usually starts with, “Who can speak to this topic….”?

Policy and People
Janetta Lun
Posted Jul 27

One perk of the AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowship is the opportunity to learn about other fellows’ various scientific backgrounds and expertise.


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