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"Garish (509162157)" by aussiegall
Brian Bingham
Posted Oct 18

Psychedelic drugs have long been a part of human culture. Recent medical evidence suggests they also may have untapped medicinal potential for substance abuse and mental disorders.

Open Access scientific journals: can we make it more accessible?
Judy Keen
Posted Oct 10

If you want to publish a paper, you submit a manuscript to a journal that focuses on work in your field. The manuscript is peer-reviewed and if accepted, you (the author) pay page charges to get it onto the pages of the journal.

Image representing a graduate.
Amy Lossie
Posted Oct 07

If you worry that there are way too many other PhD students and postdocs (true), and way too few academic faculty positions (also true), then read on.

Composite of Hubble images of Doradus, Tarantula Nebula.
Reid Sherman
Posted Oct 03

Sometimes scientific progress is bumpy. Look at what happened to the experiment Background Imaging of Cosmic Extragalactic Polarization (BICEP), for example.

New Kru Town 2013-typical seasonal flooding
Carolyn La Jeunesse
Posted Oct 02

Summer 2013 was a torrential rainy season, with downpours that deeply chiseled the potholes that define nearly all the roads in Liberia.


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