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New findings published in Nature have changed what scientists thought about amoebas – specifically the Entamoeba histolytica amoeba. E. histolytica infections occur in approximately 50 million people and kill almost 100,000 people a year worldwide, mostly in developing countries.

Posted on: Apr 14
Authored By: Judy Keen
Terrace rice fields in Yunnan Province, China.

Why should you spend a day learning about economics from representatives of the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Social and Behavioral Science Team? What does this have to do with your future as a scientist now immersed in the Beltway science policy world?

Posted on: Apr 11
Authored By: Barbara Martinez
Man standing next to old car

Recent developments in our nation’s oil and natural gas markets have increased America’s energy security.

Posted on: Mar 16
Authored By: Bret Strogen
old label on the left, new label on the right

The FDA has proposed major changes to food labels for the first time in roughly twenty years, with the goal of helping consumers make more informed choices about the processed foods they are eating.

Posted on: Mar 11
Authored By: Lynn Adams

It should come as no surprise that the sort of people who write Sci on the Fly also consider it great fun to spend a weekend surrounded by thousands of scientists from different fields discussing their latest findings, best new communication methods, and interesting policy applications.

Posted on: Feb 23
Authored By: Ruthanna Gordon


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