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Format: 2017-02
Format: 2017-02
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Is your garage ready to replace the pharmacy?
by Yan Zheng

How the government can be a key partner to innovation in the 21st century Congress wasn't happy on September 21st when they grilled Mylan CEO...

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PODCAST | STDs, HIV, Mosquitoes, and Zika
by Beth Linas, Claire Schulkey, Shobhana Gupta

Concluding our exploration of the Zika virus, this podcast examines different strategies and polices learned from other infectious diseases to...

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Building Climate Change Awareness From the Ground Up
by Rudy Kahsar

In December 2015, 191 countries adopted the Paris Climate Agreement and took it back to their home countries for ratification.  Now, almost a year...

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Access Denied
by Emily Monosson

"Dear List, does anyone have access to this article?" A simple request posted to a listserve of scientists and policymakers. Someone suggested she...

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Cancer Moonshot: Recommendations for the Blue Ribbon Panel
by Judy Keen

The NCI Blue Ribbon Panel released their list of recommendations for the Cancer Moonshot Initiative last week. This has been both a tremendous...

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PODCAST: Zika, the Olympics, and Other Mass Gatherings
by Beth Linas, Claire Schulkey

Do you know where and when Zika virus emerged? With the the 31st Olympiad in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, the location thought to be the epicenter of the...

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Navigate Your Career Through USAJOBS
by Pamela Collins

At some point during your AAAS S&T Policy Fellowship year, you might consider getting hired as a Fed.  To help you pursue this path, the...

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A Career in Grant Development
by Melinda Gormley

“This grant needs a lot of work to be competitive,” I told the Principal Investigators. “Do you walk around with a bucket of cold water to throw on...

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Incredible Innovation 1: DIY Pharmaceutical Kit
by Peter Reczek

Sometimes the most disruptive technology is one that slips under the radar and is not appreciated by investors or customers until long after it is...

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Pulp Science
by Melinda Gormley

We are currently living through an era of social media and online publications in which scientists, engineers, and other experts have found a vehicle...

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