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Format: 2017-06
Format: 2017-06
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PODCAST | What makes a data scientist?
by Claire Schulkey

"Data Scientist" is listed as the “Sexiest Job of the 21st Century” by the Harvard Business Review, but what is data science and what do data...

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Federal Data Sharing
by Danielle Friend

This post accompanies the Sci on the Fly podcast “Data Science.” In the last Sci on the Fly podcast on data science, several data scientists were...

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Embrace a Career Sidestep: Write a novel
by Rosemarie Szostak

Ever thought about taking a career sidestep to write a novel? Seriously. Issac Asimov was a biochemistry professor before he started to write science...

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Can you spare the time?
by Kyle Wesson

For centuries, we’ve survived with wristwatches that kept time accurate to within a few minutes per year. Yet early in 2016, a timing signal...

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Book Review Secton

Our Reading List Welcome to a new feature of the Sci on the Fly Blog! Are you looking for your next great read? Are you in the middle of a great...

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"Siri, What is AI?"
by Yan Zheng

The DIFFUSION mini-blog series looks back through the unexplored history of revolutionary ideas to help us imagine what the future might look...

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Notes from the Field: Promoting Child Health in Indonesia
by Amit Chandra

More than eight million children in Indonesia suffer from stunted growth. Stunting increases a child’s risk for infections, delayed brain development...

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Don’t Judge a Plant by its Seed: GMOs and Patent Laws
by Carlos Faraco

This post accompanies the Sci on the Fly podcast “Some love them, some hate them, some don’t care: GMOs.” That podcast mentions (at 8:50) three...

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The Growing Role of Private Investment in Clean Energy
by Rudy Kahsar

The 2016 election has left many environmentalists unsure about the future. President-elect Trump has tapped Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt to...

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PODCAST | Some love them, some hate them, some don't care: GMOs
by Sesquile Ramon, Beth Linas

Sesquile Ramon (2015-17 Executive Branch Fellow) dives into a discussion of ghenetically modified organisms (GMOs) and why some people love them, ...

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