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Centering the Role of Scientists in Policy to End the Black Maternal Health Crisis

By Meryleen Mena
Health disparities in the US directly impacting Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), low-income, and LGBT communities have been making headlines, especially in the wake of rollbacks to policies

PODCAST | Careers in STEM Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

By Heather Masson-Forsythe
STEM careers have historically been performed by and for populations that do not represent the complete spectrum of unique lived experiences. In recent years however, the STEM community has been

Using STPF Professional Development Funds: Part 1, General Strategies 

By Jaclyn Brennan
As a holistic professional development experience, the AAAS Science & Technology Fellowship (STPF) program is more than just a window into federal policymaking processes. In addition to an annual

PODCAST | Climb Every Mountain

By Reshmina William
When most of us think of “scientists,” we envision someone in a lab coat huddled behind a lab bench. AAAS STPF fellow Alexandra “Ali” Giese defies this stereotype – her work with glaciers has taken

STPF Fellows Shape Scientific Integrity Policy

By Rachel Golden Kroner
Scientific integrity is fundamental to evidence-informed decision making and ensuring public trust in government science. To bolster scientific integrity, which includes safeguarding against

Diversifying Graduate Student Enrollment: What We Know and What We’re Learning

By Janice Daniel
An invitation to be a part of a search committee for a university senior administrator had a profound impact on my view of academia and whether there would ever be a place for me and people who look