Next Generation Cities and Communities

Monday, July 10, 2017 - 09:15 am to 06:00 pm
Monday, July 10, 2017 - 09:15 to 18:00
Exploring Convergent Approaches
Population changes, aging infrastructure, environmental stresses, and rising resource costs affect small towns and rural and urban areas alike. This situation presents an opportunity for the United States to demonstrate global leadership in leveraging innovation to improve inhabitants’ quality of life, an opportunity broadly reflected by the Smart Cities movement. Policies and investments on this front should align with new and evolving technologies and facilitate integration across Smart Cities application domains such as energy, agriculture, transportation, and health. Policies should also help ensure that all segments of the population can reap the rewards of these efforts. This all-day workshop will convene diverse stakeholders to share their technical and policy insights into the smart systems that will support next-generation cities and communities, with special emphasis on equitable access for all communities. The workshop will include those who often lack a voice in the Smart Cities arena, such as education, agriculture, social science, equity, and health advocates, and it will explore opportunities for synergistic collaboration across various disciplines, sectors, and application areas.

This event is being organized by the AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellows' Affinity Groups: MaDTechEd (MOOCs and Disruptive Technologies in Education), AgriNuts (Agriculture and Nutrition), Big Data, Energy/Climate, Entrepreneurship, Equity and Inclusion, Health Policy, and Social Science. 
8:45 AMRegistration and Check-In
9:00 AMWelcome                                                                                                                                           
Eric Breckenfeld, AAAS S&T Policy Fellow at the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office
9:05 AMOpening Remarks:  Federal Perspective
The Future of Smart & Connected Communities: Driving Research and Community Impact
Erwin Gianchandani, Deputy Assistant Director, Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering, National Science Foundation (NSF)
Bringing Together Communities and Sectors: Learning Beyond the School Walls in the City of Chicago
Nichole Pinkard, Associate Professor, DePaul University
Followed by Audience Q&A
10:00 AMSESSION I:  10 – minute Flash Talks
Kathryn Pettit, Senior Research Associate, Urban Institute
Brenda Bannan, Associate Professor in Instructional Design and Technology Program, George Mason University
Joel Paque, Senior Policy Advisor in External Affairs and Global Cities Programs, Nature Conservancy
Jehan (Gigi) El-Bayoumi, Founding Director, Rodham Institute, GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences
10:50 AMBreak
11:05 AMSESSION II: Cities for People Discussion Panel                                  
Kathryn Pettit, Brenda Bannan, Joel Paque, Jehan El-Bayoumi
Moderated by Alejandro de la Puente, AAAS S&T Policy Fellow at NSF
Followed by Audience Q&A  
12:00 PMLunch Discussions: Identifying Forward-Looking Opportunities
1:00 PMAfternoon Opening Remarks: Federal Perspective                                                                         
Promoting Convergence in Smart Cities and Communities
David Wollman, Deputy Director, Smart Grid and Cyber-Physical Systems Program Office
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
1:15 PMSESSION III:  10 – minute Flash Talks
David Slutzky, Research Associate Professor, University of Virginia
Daniel Morgan, Chief Data Officer, US Department of Transportation
Tim Kuehlhorn, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Office, Agrible Inc. 
Rick Canady, Founder and Managing Director, Neutral Science L3C
2:00 PMSESSION IV: Technology for Cities Discussion Panel                                                       
David Slutzky, Daniel Morgan, Tim Kuehlhorn, Rick Canady
Moderated by Eric Breckenfeld
Followed by Audience Q&A 
2:45 PMBreak
2:55 PMBreakout Sessions
Privacy and Data – Kathryn Pettit, Senior Research Associate, Urban Institute, and Beth Linas, AAAS S&T Policy Fellow at NSF              
Workforce – Nichole Pinkard, Associate Professor, DePaul University, Eamonn Kelly, Senior Advisor in Education and Human Resources, NSF, and Mike Rook, AAAS S&T Policy Fellow at NSF           
Interface between People and Technology – David Corman, Smart & Connected Communities Program Director, NSF
and Meghan Houghton, Staff Associate for Strategic Engagements and Former AAAS S&T Policy Fellow, NSF
Diversity and Inclusion – Brandi Schottel, Science Analyst for Innovations at the Nexus of Food, Energy, and
Water Systems Program, NSF and Alejandro de la Puente, AAAS S&T Policy Fellow at NSF              
3:40 PMCLOSING KEYNOTE                                                                                                                                                  
Data Policy in the District of Columbia
Archana Vemulapalli, Chief Technology Officer, District of Columbia
Followed by Audience Q&A
4:10 PMReport Back and Next Steps
Meghan Houghton and Eric Breckenfeld
4:20 PMRemarks from Reception Sponsor
Bill Wallace – US Ignite, Inc.
4:30 PMNetworking Reception
Sponsored by US Ignite, Inc.
American Association for the Advancement of Science
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