Fellows in Print: 2018, No. 1

Fellows in Print brings you policy-related publications by or about STPF fellows. Enjoy!

Gillian Bowser, 2015-16 Executive Branch Fellow at USGS
Teresa Stoepler, 2014-16 Executive Branch Fellow at USGS
Careers in science diplomacy and international policy. The Ecological Society of America. 03/1/2018.

Randy Wadkins, 2015-16 Biophysical Society Congressional Science & Engineering Fellow
Meet the scientists running to transform Congress in 2018. Science, 02/22/2018.

Karen Saxe, 2013-14 AMS Congressional Science & Engineering Fellow
Mathematicians are at work in the federal government; you too? American Mathematical Society. 02/21/2018.

Jane Zelikova, 2016-2017 Executive Branch Fellow at DOE
New Film Sheds Light on the Disappearance of Colorado Snowpack. 303 Magazine. 02/19/2018.

Alejandro De La Puente, 2017-18 Executive Branch Fellow at NSF
Why we must continue to fund the teacher quality partnership grants. Next Generation Cities and Communities. 02/15/2018.

Sutyajeet Soneja, 2017-18 Executive Fellow at USAID
In defense of ‘non-defense’: spending on foreign aid helps the Triangle. The News & Observer. 02/15/2018.

Jason Landrum, 2014-16 Executive Branch Fellow at USAIG and 2012-14 at NOAA, et al.
Assessing the Economic Benefits of Reductions in Marine Debris at Southern California Beaches. University of Chicago Press Journals. 02/14/2018.

Quinta Warren, 2017-18 Executive Branch Fellow at DOE
Office of Fossil Energy Celebrates Black History Month: Dr. Quinta Warren. Office of Fossil Energy. 02/14/2018.

Kenneth Gibbs, 2011-12 Executive Branch Fellow at NSF
Enhancing Diversity in Science: A Career in Science Policy. American Society for Microbiology. 02/14/2018. 

Maryam Zaringhalam, 2017-18 Executive Branch Fellow at NIH
Featured Force: Maram Zaringhalam. AAAS. 02/02/2018.

Marguerite Matthews, 2017-18 Executive Branch Fellow at NIH
Belonging in STEM: Dr. Marguerite Matthews’ Story. March for Science. 2/01/2018.

Joan L. Aron, 2008-10 Executive Branch Fellow at EPA, et al.
Using Ecosystem Function in the Clean Water Act. EPA. 12/19/2017.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018 - 15:15