Fellows in Print: 2019, No. 2

Fellows in Print brings you policy-related publications by or about STPF fellows. Enjoy!

Ali Nouri, 2008-09 AAAS Congressional S&E Fellow
Science policy while waiting for winds to calm (featuring STPF alumnus fellow Joel Baumgart). YouTube. 05/01/2019.
Farmers could teach scientists a trick or two for lobbying. Nature. 2/5/2019.

Teresa Williams, 2018-19 ACS Congressional S&E Fellow
A nanoscientist bonds with women in Africa over STEM. Share America. 4/18/2019.

Katherine Himes, 2011-15 Executive Branch Fellow at USAID
Idaho Universities Join Forces to Launch Policy Fellowship Program. University of Idaho. 4/17/2019.

Amanda Dettmer, 2017-18 Executive Branch Fellow at Department of Education, et al.
Looking Back to Move Forward: A Retrospective Examination of Research at the Intersection of Cognitive Science and Education and What It Means for the Future. Taylor & Francis Online. 4/11/2019.

Rebecca Webber, 2006-08 Executive Branch Fellow at State, et al.
Negotiating at the United Nations. Routledge. 4/1/2019.

Daniel Aldrich, 2011-12 Executive Branch Fellow at USAID
Conversation with Daniel Aldrich on Radio in Reducing Violent Extremism. UNESCO. 2/13/2019.

Peter Reczek, 2014-15 Executive Branch Fellow at NIH
We are the (communication) champions. Science. 1/25/2019.

Philip Shapira, 1986-87 OTA Congressional S&E Fellow
Beyond technology: addressing the social and sustainability challenges of next generation industrial systems. Manchester Policy Blogs: Science and Engineering. 1/22/2019.

Sarah Vorpahl, 2017-18 OSA & MRS Congressional S&E Fellow
Rebuilding a resilient future for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Cambridge Core. 1/10/2019.

Anne Dare, 2016-18 Executive Branch Fellow at USAID, et al.
Flush forward: Exploring off-grid wastewater solutions. World Water. 10/1/2018.

Robert Kennedy, 1993-94 ASME Congressional S&E Fellow
The Interstellar Fusion Fuel Resource Base of Our Solar System. Journal of the British Interplanetary Society. 8/1/2018.

Emily Monosson, 1987-88 Executive Branch Fellow at EPA
Toxicology Has Advanced. The EPA Needs to Advance With It. Undark Magazine. 8/14/2018.
Viral Rescue. Aeon Magazine. 4/12/2018.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2019 - 14:45