Fellowship Focus: Jan-Feb 2017


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January 17: You. Can. Do. It.
“Most scientists mistakenly believe that they can’t [run for elected office],”
 said AAAS CEO Rush Holt, a physicist and 
eight-term member of Congress who supports efforts 
to elect more scientists.

Kristen Honey

2013-2015 Executive Branch Fellow Kristen Honey has joined the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) as a senior policy analyst on the “management side” of OMB. In the Office of the Federal Chief Information Officer, she helps the government’s chief information officer oversee technology policy, digital services and innovation across federal agencies.

Kim Klockow

Kim Klockow, 2013-14 Legislative Brach Fellow sponsored by the American Meteorological Society and the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, has landed her “dream position” as research scientist and coordinator for Societal Applications Work at the National Weather Center in Oklahoma.