Fellowship Focus: July- Aug 2016


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June 24: "Science is not a major or a career. It is a commitment to a systematic way of thinking... Even more than what you think, how you think matters. The stakes for understanding this could not be higher than they are today, because we are not just battling for what it means to be scientists. We are battling for what it means to be citizens." ~Atul Gawande


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Nishal Mohan
Having contributed as a fellow to the National Science Foundation (NSF) US Ignite program, Nishal Mohan (2013-15 Executive Branch Fellow at NSF) is now national community leader at US Ignite where he is responsible for implementation of the Smart Gigabit Communities initiative.
Kevin Whittlesey
Kevin Whittlesey (2006-07 Congressional Fellow sponsored by Optical Society of America and Materials Research Society) has moved into the gene therapy field at 4D Molecular Therapeutics as director of program and alliance management.