Fellowship Focus: Sept-Oct 2018

Helen Amos

Fulfilling her dream to highlight the effects of climate change on public health, Helen Amos, 2016-18 Executive Branch Fellow at the Environmental Protection Agency, can now be found at the Goddard Space Flight Center as a senior scientist with SSAI, Inc. She will focus on merging NASA satellite data to citizen science initiatives worldwide.

Chaevia Clendinen

Chaevia Clendinen, 2016-18 Executive Branch Fellow at the National Science Foundation, was named Assistant Dean for Student Advancement and Diversity at the University of Chicago Division Social Sciences Division. She creates and manages programs to support academic and career success for doctoral students, including professional development programs for academic and non-academic careers

Nature McGinn

Having started her NSF career six years ago as an STPF fellow, 2012-14 Executive Branch Fellow at NSF and marine biologist Nature McGinn has been named the acting head of the Polar Environment, Safety and Health Section of the Office of Polar Programs at NSF. Congratulations, Nature!