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News & Updates

The Incoming Class: Who's In?

We are pleased to share some details about the incoming class:  there are 147 new executive branch fellows (seven sponsored by partner societies), and an estimated 32 legislative branch fellows sponsored by scientific societies! They will be joined by almost 100 renewing fellows in the executive branch. This year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics at the Department of Labor will host its first fellow and the Department of Veterans Affairs will host their first fellows since 2010

** Pop Quiz: Which agency will host the largest number of fellows? (Read on to find out!)

Finish Your Year in Good Standing

It seems incredible, but we are in the last two months of fellowship! Now is the time to review the Fellowship Completion Guidelines to ensure you end the year in good standing. You must complete three reports: *1) the Fellowship Impact Plan, 2) the Mid-year Report, and 3) the Year-end Report (more information on that coming soon). The Year-end Report is due August 15 for fellows who started September 1. (For fellows sponsored by partner societies: While you are not required to submit STPF reports, we encourage you to do so!)

Host office mentors will be asked to fill out a brief survey confirming satisfactory completion of your fellowship. If you have any questions, please contact your program manager.

Help Find Future Fellows

The STPF application is open! Applicants have lots of questions about the fellowship and how to apply. Here are some of the ways you can help find future fellows!

  • Spread the word about the STPF application and upcoming Live Chats using the all-new Virtual Outreach Toolkit.

  • Tell your friends and colleagues about the Live Chat series – the next one is July 16 on Career and Professional Opportunities for Fellows. Chats are recorded and available on demand:
  • Champion Future Fellows by making phone calls to in-progress applicants to answer their questions and encourage them to finish – sign up here

Education & Events

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Wednesday, July 17; 9-12 pm

Like them or hate them, emotions are part of every life. At this workshop, you will discover the triggers that unleash negative or positive emotions and what you can do to manage them. Understanding your emotions, and the emotions of others becomes the gateway to building positivity and creating a workplace environment that is enjoyable and highly productive. Emotional intelligence is not a random occurrence; great leaders consciously cultivate it.

Year-end Summit and Send off

Friday, August 2; 9-4 pm

Join fellow fellows to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year, expand your professional networks, and explore how you can continue to be a force for science long after the fellowship!

** Answer: The State Department will host 46 fellows in the 2019-20 class!

AFPI Employees

Find all financial info & forms on your Dashboard on FellowsCentral.

Reminders for the Last Quarter of the Fellowship Year.

  • No travel/training will be approved for the last two weeks of the fellowship. This policy helps ensure you can close out all activities by the end of the fellowship.
  • All TERs must be received by STPF on or before September 30 – no exceptions.
  • STPF will not approve or reimburse any additional travel or training if you have an outstanding travel advance.
  • For renewing fellows, PTO is not paid out or rolled-over to the next fellowship year.

Renewing Fellows: Things on the Horizon

  • Travel/Training will not be approved for the 2019-20 fellowship until at least mid-August.  Please note that the funding and/or a finalized funding agreement may not be complete until that time and we cannot commit funds without one or both of these items.
  • Health and Dental Insurance Changes. Please think about any changes in coverage you may need for the upcoming fellowship year. Information on open enrollment season will be provided in August.