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Stay Connected With Each Other

Hello, fellows! We’re nearing the home stretch of the fellowship year…

Keep your FellowsCentral profile updated (long after the fellowship ends) so everyone can always find each other.

Twitter like a pro. If a fellow has included their Twitter account on their FellowsCentral profile, click the icon to get to their Twitter page. Then follow them and ask them to follow you back. Also, STPF has a Twitter list of fellows here: If you’d like to be on it, please check to see if you’re already listed. If you’re not, email Kat Song at or tweet to @AAAS_STPF.

Prefer LinkedIn? Make sure you’re one of the 1,200 fellows in the closed STPF alumni LinkedIn group. If you’re not, go the page and submit a request to join.

Extend Your Reach

Get your tweet/update/post in front of thousands of people in the science policy community. If you mention or tag STPF, we will see your post and share it if appropriate.

Twitter. Add “@AAAS_STPF” to any tweet.

LinkedIn. In your post, start typing “@AAAS Science & Te…” and you will see a drop-down menu. Be sure to select the one that says “Showcase page” underneath the name – it’s near the bottom on the list. (Don’t choose the account that says “This is a dormant account…” underneath the name.)

Facebook. In your post, start typing “@AAAS Science & Te…” and you will see a drop-down menu; make sure to select the correct account (and not one for an STPF class, for instance).

Instagram. You can either tag us in the photo or type “@AAAS” in the caption and choose STPF from the drop-down menu.

Feed the Science Policy Pipeline

Just think: as you prepare for post-fellowship life, there’s a new class of fellows out there hoping to follow in your footsteps! The STPF application opens June 1 and you have a big role in helping identify future fellows. We are hosting a six-part Live Chat Series as a way for potential applicants to engage with fellows. Please spread the word and encourage your contacts to apply before November 1. And two other things you can do are below: sign up for both/either at

Champion Future Fellows. Call applicants who are in the process of completing their application. You will field their questions and be provided with talking points.

Be an STPF Expert on Call. Volunteer to have your email address shared with a handful of candidates who may contact you with questions about the fellowship.


Workshop Takeaway: What Can and Can’t I Post on Social Media?

On May 17, fellows gathered for an STPF professional development workshop on communicating with particular audiences and on certain platforms, namely social media. One fellow asked, “How do I know what I can or can’t post on social media?” While this is a broad question that can encompass many answers depending on the context, here are some rules of thumb:

  • Demonstrate decorum.

  • Adhere to ethics policies.
  • Check your office’s social media policy.
  • Be mindful of both real and perceived conflicts of interest. Make it clear that you speak as an individual and not, for instance, on behalf of your host office or AAAS (the last can be done, for instance, on your profile).

Shared Leadership Through Questions and Mentoring

Tuesday, June 18; 9-12 pm

Build awareness of the traits and characteristics you may have that can limit your success in leadership roles. This interactive workshop begins with examples of ineffective traits and contrasts them with approaches that can help you get better results. Particular emphasis will be given to establishing a shared leadership culture using mentoring and questions. Small groups will discuss possible solutions, then share them with all attendees.

Symposium – Beyond Electricity: Climate change and the 75% problem

Friday, June 28; 8-4 pm

This one-day symposium will examine technology and policy options for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions in difficult-to-decarbonize sectors that account for about 75% of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions – such as industry, transportation and agriculture. This unique forum will break down traditional sectoral silos by encouraging participants to interact with experts from multiple disciplines. This symposium is presented by the STPF Energy and Climate Affinity Group, with support from the AgriNuts, Biofuels, and Water Affinity Groups.


Find all financial info & forms on your Dashboard on FellowsCentral.

Reminders for the Last Quarter of the Year

  • PTO does not roll-over nor is it paid out.
  • All domestic TERs (Travel Expense Reports) are due within 30 days of travel, international within 60 days, or within 30 days of the end of your fellowship year, whichever comes first.
  • All TERs must be received by STPF on or before September 30 – we cannot make exceptions.

Use Government Resources Appropriately. Please do not use any government resources to send in your TERs – that includes envelopes (with or without government logo/address) and postage.

Attention, Renewing Fellows

  • Think about any changes in health coverage you may need for the upcoming fellowship year. Information on open enrollment season will be provided in August.
  • Unspent travel/training funds will not rollover without prior approval from your agency liaison or contracting officer. All requests must be made by agency mentors and in writing to the specific agency contracting officer or liaison. Fellows are not permitted to make these requests.