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2009 Fellows in the News

On November 4th, 2009, an article written by Andrew Mara, 2008-10 Fellow at the Department of Defense, entitled “Would you like anthrax with that?”, was published in the Boston Herald. The article

From lasers in the lab to IEDs on the battlefield

My experiences with the AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowship opened my eyes to a myriad of opportunities and discoveries I may not have uncovered had I taken a more traditional route.

Developing projects for Iraqi scientists and engineers

I have worked on many major and minor tasks, both scientific and non-scientific, ranging from the development of long-term program plans to determining lunch buffet selections with event caterers in Baghdad. The sheer quantity of information to absorb, interpret, and act upon every day is enormous, and new twists emerge constantly.

Learning the realities of federal policymaking

I came to understand that Washington, D.C., is filled with smart, competent, well-intentioned civil servants; and, that there is intrinsic value to other stakeholder interests outside of the realm of academics.


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