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Global connections to address climate change

The ensuing two years were a whirlwind of activity, and definitively set me on a new career course – one that satisfies both my intellectual curiosity and my desire to affect positive change.

A doctor in the halls of diplomacy

The issues ranged from climate change, ocean and freshwater policy, to AIDS education, biotechnology, and risk reduction of natural hazards. Although I didn’t use much of my medical knowledge in my activities at the State Department, the critical thinking skills I developed from years of scientific analysis were invaluable.

A national “culture of preparedness”

My fellowship and experiences as a lobbyist with AVMA provided an ideal backdrop for my current activities in the Office of Health Affairs, where I joined a remarkable group of dedicated staff. They

Encountering the President amid the pyramids

Travel and training have been major perks of the AAAS Fellowship, and my office has been extremely flexible about both. Nevertheless, I did not come all the way to Cairo because I wanted to meet the President of the United States—who lives scarcely one mile away from me in Washington, D.C.

From neuroscience research to the Summit of the Americas

From negotiations in the Middle East to reform science curricula, to debating the evidence for the effects of climate change on the intensity of hurricanes with policymakers, I have seen science policy in action, and at times helped shaped it.

Supervising Fellows on the Hill: Q&A with David Goldston

David has supervised Congressional Science &Engineering Fellows® for more than two decades, in Representative Boehlert’s office and on the Science Committee.


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