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Jan-Feb 2019 | Fellowship Focus

Fellows on the Hill; Data science; NJ launches fellowship
New Fellows to Bring Data Science Expertise to Federal Government

New Fellows to Bring Data Science Expertise to Federal Government

This fall, STPF anticipates welcoming three additional fellows jointly sponsored by a collective of new partner societies. These fellows will have experience in areas including causal inference and machine learning to help meet a rising demand for data science expertise in the government.
Cassie Welch was a 2014-2015 legislative branch fellow sponsored by the Federation of Animal Science Societies in Rep. David Valadao’s office (R-CA).

Fellows on the Hill Take on Impressive, And Very Different, Work Environments

Fellows who work inside congressional offices take responsibility for learning new topics and assessing and communicating scientific knowledge while adjusting to a wholly unique workplace. This year, there are 32 legislative branch fellows sponsored by nearly as many partner scientific societies. Fellows also arrive on Capitol Hill (“the Hill”) at many different points in their careers, which affects both what they bring and what they take away from the experience.
Science and Politics Fellowship Launches in New Jersey

Science and Politics Fellowship Launches in New Jersey

Announced last November, the Eagleton Science and Politics Fellowship Program was launched to bring science to New Jersey state legislative and executive offices.
STPF Partner Societies

STPF Partner Societies

Did you know that the AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships (STPF) program is a cooperative initiative of more than 30 scientific and engineering societies, each of which selects and supports highly skilled scientists and engineers for one year fellowships in Washington?
Sudip Parikh by DIA Global.

AAAS News: Ph.D.–turned–policy insider takes over world’s largest science society

STPF is very pleased to welcome Sudip Parikh, who started as the new CEO of AAAS earlier this month. Read more in Science Image: DIA GLOBAL


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