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Combining a Passion for Astronomy and Policy

Chris took a sabattical from his position as professor of physics and astronomy at Oberlin College to participate in his 2010-11 AAAS-sponsored Congressional Science & Engineering Fellowship®.

Veterinarian Supports Biosafety and Biosecurity Efforts

In a policy office, much of the work revolves around identifying a problem and working to reach consensus among departments and agencies within the federal government and relevant stakeholders outside the government.

Innovative Analysis Establishes Benefits of Federal Brownfields Program

"I was able to carry out a project from start to finish while collaborating with several major players within EPA, learning about the needs of individual offices, and observing how they function."

Evidence-based Humanitarian Response

"A big part of practicing medicine is learning how to figure people out and read situations," said Priya. That informal training translates well to working in policy. "It built my capacity for identifying critical stakeholders, which has been very useful."


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