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Global Change is a Societal Issue in Need of Social Science

We need to better incorporate the social and biophysical sciences into global change research, say the authors of a recent commentary in Nature Climate Change. With insights from social science
Meyer-Morse during her days a AAAS S&T Policy Fellow®.

Taking a Leap from Federal to State Level Policy

These days, Nicole Meyer-Morse (2011-13 Executive Branch Fellow, Department of Defense – DoD) can be found at the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services. She took her AAAS Fellowship
Alternative Chemistries of Life – Empirical Approaches

Developing the Complete Mind and Searching for Life beyond Earth

Grand challenges and life beyond earth: these are just a couple of the things returning fellow Jay Goodwin, 2013-15 Executive Branch Fellow at NSF, has been thinking about. Written with David G. Lynn


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