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2010 Fellows in the News

Chemical and Engineering News Profiles Former Congressional Fellow C&EN profiled Will O'Neal, 2008-2009 Congressional Science & Engineering Congressional Fellow® sponsored by ACS in the office of

Protecting Coral Reefs in the Face of Climate Change

True to the spirit of the AAAS Fellowships, my job is to support ecosystem managers and other decision makers by providing them with the best science available to inform their decisions.

Collaborating for Science & Technology in the Middle East

Connections established among Science & Technology Policy Fellows often continue and extend well beyond the fellowship year.

Applying Social Science to Policy Making

The Fellows' expertise is incredibly helpful and enriches the State Department with an exchange between research and policy.

Rewarding Career Path and Connections

After the intense orientation I attended as a part of the AAAS Fellowship Program, I became better aware with how science actually works in Washington.

Fall 2010 Fellowships Focus

To keep our momentum going we welcome assistance spreading the word to recruit applicants for the 2011-12 Fellowships. The new application deadline is December 5th.


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