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Citizen Science: Many hands building a web of powerful data

It’s early on a Saturday as Ann Kelly carefully picks her way down a steep stream bank in her dusty-green rubber boots.  On one side of the stream is a residential street, on the other a popular park where children and dogs are already bounding across the grass.  Down in the streambed, however, parts of wild Virginia still exist—the stream gurgles across smooth stones as vines, tree roots, and branches break the surface.  Ann wades out into the water and scoops up water for analysis.

PODCAST | AAAS 2018 Live: The science of memory and exceptional abilities

In this episode Richard Lewis, news officer at the University of Iowa, speaks with Dr. Ted Abel, Professor at the University of Iowa and Director of the Iowa Neuroscience Institute. As a trained biochemist and molecular biologist, the work in Dr. Abel’s lab focuses on using mouse models to understand the molecular mechanisms of memory storage and the molecular basis of neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders.

PODCAST | AAAS 2018 Live: From Bench to Policymaking

In this episode Carlos Faraco, a neuroscientist and current AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow (STPF) at the National Institute of Justice, speaks with Frances Colón, CEO of Jasperi Consulting, former Deputy Science Advisor at the Department of State under Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, and 2006-08 STPF fellow at the State Department. Broadly, they’ll discuss how Dr. Colón’s training as a developmental neurobiologist prepared her for a career in science policy, along with the issues which motivated her to make that leap.

Is 100% Renewable the Best Way to Decarbonize?

Scientists broadly agree that humans must cut greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate the effects of climate change. But they definitely do not agree on how to do that. An example of how extreme these disagreements can become is the debate between Professor Mark Jacobson of Stanford and Dr. Christopher Clack of Vibrant Clean Energy regarding the feasibility of a future grid consisting of 100 percent renewable power.

PODCAST | AAAS 2018 Live: Starting a Career in Science Communication

In this episode Dr. Allyson Kennedy, a developmental biologist and 2017-18 Science & Technology Policy Fellow at the National Science Foundation, speaks with Monica Feliu-Mojer. Dr. Feliu-Mojer is a neurobiologist and director of communications and science outreach at Ciencia Puerto Rico, and associate director for diversity and communication training at iBiology. They discuss how scientists can transition from careers behind the bench to science communication and how that can allow them to impact local communities through outreach and education.


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