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Is your garage ready to replace the pharmacy?

How the government can be a key partner to innovation in the 21st century

Congress wasn't happy on September 21st when they grilled Mylan CEO Heather Bresch on why her company had raised the price of the EpiPen by over 500% in recent years. For many, the thought of allergy patients unable to afford access to life-saving medicine due to the price hike was outrageous. But for a community of DIY-hackers, it was a call to action.

Building Climate Change Awareness From the Ground Up

In December 2015, 191 countries adopted the Paris Climate Agreement and took it back to their home countries for ratification.  Now, almost a year later, the agreement met the threshold standards for ratification, enabling it to go into effect.  It’s a hopeful time for climate activists, but even with ratification, much could still go wrong in meeting the agreement’s goals.  A vocal minority of climate skeptics refute the science, object to costly mitigation and adaptation efforts, and threaten to unravel recent progress.

Farmer’s friend or Frankenfood? GE crops reviewed, once again

In the United States, knowingly or not, we all consume genetically engineered (GE) foods. Scientists and social activists have long clashed on whether these foods are safe for human consumption and the environment, and whether we even know enough about them to make this call. Last week, the National Academy of Sciences* released a consensus study on Genetically Engineered Crops: Experiences and Prospects to provide the latest evidence-based guidance on this contentious topic.

The Preventative and Punitive Sides of Research Integrity

Many universities and federal agencies have research integrity policies that focus on misconduct and improper behaviors, whereas few provide principles of research integrity explaining model behaviors to which researchers can aspire and why such behaviors are important to the research process. By focusing on the negative aspects, research integrity becomes a punitive action associated with compliance and policing. Putting a positive spin on research integrity is an opportunity for providing professional development to researchers.

Science and Technology Innovation: A Star Wars Retrospective

It’s a moment that a whole generation of kids have never forgotten. A simple phrase on a black screen, “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….,” followed by a crash of cymbals and trumpets sounding the main title theme of Star Wars as the opening text streamed into the distance. And then we were swept into a different galaxy, one filled with technologies, characters, and worlds that captured the imagination and that inspired many of us to study math, science, and engineering and work towards making an impact on the world we live in.


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