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Professional Coaching

Professional coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential. Coaches partner with clients to set goals and provide guidance for achieving them. A coach’s role is to encourage self-discovery, elicit solutions and strategies, and to hold clients responsible and accountable. The S&T Policy Fellowships encourages fellows to utilize professional coaching services to supplement the skills, knowledge, and networks they gain through the immersive fellowship experience. To support fellows, STPF has developed an agreement with a group of coaches who understand the STPF fellows and are committed to helping them achieve success. These coaches are available for use by all fellows at the negotiated rate listed. With approval, AFPI fellows can utilize their travel/training funds for coaching services. Non-AFPI fellows should talk to their funding agencies for approval.

Approval Process for AFPI Fellows

Only the vendors listed below are approved to provide professional coaching services for AFPI fellows using their travel/training funds. Requests for professional coaching are handled through FellowsCentral, under the travel/training request portal.  Procedures are similar to traditional travel/training requests.  Please be sure to read and follow all instructions for approval of professional coaching services. Note: Fellows will be responsible for payment of services if appropriate approval is not received prior to services being rendered.

To access professional coaching services, fellows will be required to complete a Statement of Work (SOW) signed by both the fellow and the coach and submit it to the STPF finance team. The SOW template should be used by fellows and can be completed using the SOW instructions. Once the SOW has been signed by both the fellow and the coach, the SOW will be submitted through the Travel/Training Request Portal on FellowsCentral. Please reference the Instructions for Professional Coaching document for detailed information on how to submit for approval.

Statement of Work (SOW) Template (

Instructions for completing the SOW (

Instructions for Professional Coaching Approval (



Organization Contact Information Website Fee Structure Description of Services
KONU Rosi Greenberg $200 per hour In-person or virtual coaching for professional development emphasizing self-discovery and learning. The coaching journey may include 1) assessments and other framework for feedback, 2) tools and questions for creating new awareness and insights as well 3) concrete action plans to make progress on the challenges you are facing.
Mary Crane & Associates Mary Crane $200 per hour

Extensive experience working with professionals in a variety of areas. Areas of expertise include: creating a persona that is consistent with personal and professional goals; navigating workplace challenges; managing difficult conversations; thriving in periods of rapid change; becoming a leader; and making decisions that move individuals and organizations forward.

STEM Career Services Josh Henkin, PhD $200 per hour

Custom career exploration/planning: 

  • Find jobs you’ll love  
  • Personal brand development
  • LinkedIn optimization - recruiters, networking, brand promotion  
  • Advanced networking strategies  
  • Negotiation techniques
Zelos Stacia Aylward

Zelos coaching program with certified executive coach: Minimum of six (6) 1-hour sessions for $1,800. The program includes six (6) scheduled 1-hour sessions with our executive coach and an additional approximately 30-minutes for the coach to work with you in-between each of those scheduled sessions with scheduling, finding external resources, and other items.

PATHZ Professional Growth Guides: No minimum number of hours required; $140 per hour scheduled online with a Guide of your choice.

Zelos offers the opportunity to tailor career coaching experiences to fit your preferences. Our certified coaches and Professional Growth Guides will partner with you to help you set and act on your unique leadership, relationship or business goals.



Programs & Institutions


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