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Trainers & Instructors

The AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships (STPF) seeks trainers to provide professional development (PD) programming to STPF fellows. We are looking for trainers, coaches, facilitators and/or faculty members to conduct workshops on topics related to policy and the federal government, communication, leadership, and networking and career strategies. These workshops should support the learning goals and objectives below.

Please see the STPF PD Request for Proposals (RFP) for more details on our programming solicitation. We seek engaging, cost-effective programming that supports our efforts to cultivate science policy leaders.

Learning Goals and Objectives

Each workshop should provide fellows a piece of the puzzle to achieve these two overarching fellowship goals:

  1. Integrate science and technology expertise with communication and leadership skills to impact policy in the federal government.
  2. Build and maintain a network of diverse stakeholders who are committed to utilizing science to inform policy.

Programming should target one or more of the following learning objectives:

  • Policy and the Federal Government
    • Fellows will be able to…
      • Examine the complexities between and within the legislative, executive, and/or judicial branches of government on policy formation.
      • Analyze the relationship between science and policy in the federal government and the role of diverse stakeholders.
      • Evaluate the impact of contemporary societal issues on science and policy.
      • Contribute to pathways that encourage the value of scientific thinking in federal agencies.
  • Communication
    • Fellows will be able to…
      • Demonstrate knowledge of communication processes to facilitate collaboration with stakeholders.
      • Defend the importance of effective science communication on outreach and the potential impacts on policy formation.
      • Formulate effective oral and written strategies to communicate science to diverse audiences including the public, media, and policymakers.
  • Leadership
    • Fellows will be able to…
      • Demonstrate an understanding of different models of leadership and the potential impacts on individuals and organizations.
      • Develop key leadership skills to promote desired outcomes.
      • Integrate social and emotional intelligence with applied leadership models.
      • Capitalize on opportunities to serve as science policy leaders in various sectors including academia, government, non-profit, and industry/private sector.
  • Networking and Career Strategies
    • Fellows will be able to…
      • Develop skills to form networks and achieve career goals.
      • Apply appropriate networking techniques to form lasting connections with individuals and organizations within the science policy matrix.