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STPF groups are formed and managed by current and alumni fellows. They provide a forum to meet and discuss issues related to areas of targeted interest, including various areas of science, policy, and other topical issues. Affinity group activities range from presentations and discussions with expert guest speakers, to monthly meetings and gatherings over coffee, workshops, full day symposia, and multi-day conferences. Social groups do not necessarily reflect the views of AAAS, its Council, Board of Directors, officers, or members. Social groups are available as a public service, but this does not constitute endorsement by AAAS.
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STPF Affinity Group: Data for Good

This group explores what scientists, thought leaders, and policy makers can do to promote societal good in the age of artificial intelligence.

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Policy, Advocacy and Engagement Discussions

To answer the call for a better forum for communication and networking around today's science advocacy efforts, this online group can be used to share ideas, actions, and collaboration.
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STPF Alumni Group: Minnesota

This group is for STPF alumni in Minnesota to connect with each other and share fellow updates, science policy events, news and more!
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STPF Affinity Group: Energy/Climate

A network of science and engineering leaders with an interest in energy and climate issues.
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STPF Social Group: Namaste! Yoga Group

AAAS fellows who are also yoga teachers will provide monthly yoga classes to fellows living in the DMV. Classes cater to everyone ranging from beginners to advanced.
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AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships

AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships (STPF) provide opportunities to outstanding scientists and engineers to learn first-hand about policymaking and contribute their knowledge and analytical skills in the policy realm. Representing a broad range of backgrounds, disciplines, and career stages, fellows serve in one-year assignments (September-August) in all three branches of government. Each year, the program adds to a growing corps over 3,000 strong of policy-savvy leaders working across academia, government, nonprofits, and industry to serve the nation and citizens around the world. Attracting significant interest from highly qualified professionals, STPF fellows are a powerful and coveted resource. Learn how to become a fellow:
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AAAS STPF Alumni Engagement Advisory Committee

Alumni Engagement Advisory Committee (AEAC), composed of STPF alumni from multiple classes, program areas, and disciplines, to spearhead STPF alumni engagement initiatives.
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STPF Affinity Group: Mentoring

Connecting STPF fellows with volunteer mentors in scientific and policy fields to enhance professional and personal development.
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STPF Affinity Group: Global Health

Discuss current topics in global health; learn about important actors; and understand the role of inter-agency collaboration in addressing global health challenges.
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STPF Social Group: Fellow Gamers

Do you like board games? Maybe you do, but you sometimes have a hard time finding a third person so you can fight for control of the island of Catan. Or, you canÕt seem to find other people willing to spend all afternoon fighting an otherworldly, Lovecraftian nightmare. Perhaps you just want to bankrupt your friends and colleagues at Boardwalk and Park Place. If any of those things sound like a great way to spend time, join the Fellow Gamers Social Group!
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