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STPF groups are formed and managed by current and alumni fellows. They provide a forum to meet and discuss issues related to areas of targeted interest, including various areas of science, policy, and other topical issues. Affinity group activities range from presentations and discussions with expert guest speakers, to monthly meetings and gatherings over coffee, workshops, full day symposia, and multi-day conferences. Social groups do not necessarily reflect the views of AAAS, its Council, Board of Directors, officers, or members. Social groups are available as a public service, but this does not constitute endorsement by AAAS.
STPF Affinity Group: Energy/Climate A network of science and engineering leaders with an interest in energy and climate issues.
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STPF Affinity Group: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Learn about skills/experiences related to managing and scaling enterprises.
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STPF Affinity Group: Fellows over F_ _ty (FoF) Provides support, resources and peer-mentoring both for current and incoming mid-senior career fellows.
STPF Affinity Group: Gathering of Scholars and Doers (GSD) GSD is for Fellows who want a space to work alongside and with their fellow Fellows. Are you still working on academic...
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STPF Affinity Group: Mentoring Connecting STPF fellows with volunteer mentors in scientific and policy fields to enhance professional and personal...
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STPF Affinity Group: NeuroPolicy Learning about the intersection of neuroscience with policy, law, ethics, media, and society.
STPF Affinity Group: Science and Technology Studies (STS) Science and Technology Studies (STS) looks to enrich our understanding of science policy and communication of the...
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STPF Affinity Group: Science Diplomacy Explores how science and technology cooperation can be used as a tool for diplomacy both between governments and...
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STPF Affinity Group: Science, Technology & National Security Discusses issues at the intersection of science & national security.
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STPF Affinity Group: Science, Technology, and Art (STArt) Discussions of the relationships and connections of art and science, the exploration of those ideas through speakers,...