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STPF groups are formed and managed by current and alumni fellows. They provide a forum to meet and discuss issues related to areas of targeted interest, including various areas of science, policy, and other topical issues. Affinity group activities range from presentations and discussions with expert guest speakers, to monthly meetings and gatherings over coffee, workshops, full day symposia, and multi-day conferences. Social groups do not necessarily reflect the views of AAAS, its Council, Board of Directors, officers, or members. Social groups are available as a public service, but this does not constitute endorsement by AAAS.
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STPF Social Group: Fellows Outdoors

This group is a great forum for sharing upcoming outdoor adventures, whether it be a short day hike in Rock Creek Park, a longer backpacking trip in Shenandoah, paddling on the Potomac, surfing at Assateague, biking Virginia vineyards, and finding other folks interested in tagging along.
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STPF Alumni Group: Atlanta

This group is for alumni in the Atlanta area to stay abreast of events, policy issues, fellow updates, etc.
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STPF Alumni Group: New York

This group is for alumni in the New York area to stay abreast of events, policy issues, fellow updates, etc. Stay tuned for exciting developments on the alumni engagement front!
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STPF Social Group: Food Explorations of the DC Area

This group is simply an opportunity to get together with other fellows to enjoy the great food optionsÊin DC.ÊWe'll try to choose cuisines and restaurants for all diets and budgets, so all are welcome. Anticipated/proposed activities: Monthly or more frequent dinners across the area, proposed by attendees of the previous dinner
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STPF Social Group: Fellow Parents

This group seeks to serve Fellows that are current or future parents in ways that its members deemÊhelpful. We want to ease the balance of work and family among AAAS Fellows. Some fellows may find it difficult to enjoy "happy hour" while missing her child's last waking hours.ÊOthers may have moved to DC from out of town and don't know where to find a pediatrician or a babyÊsitter. The fact is that parents have special needs that, if unaddressed, limit our professional capacityÊand quality of life. Fellow Parents connects parents with each other to address these needs. Anticipated/proposed activities Networking events in kid-friendly venues. Sharing information on local children-related resources, such as parks or events. Assisting parents new to the area in creating a parenting support network. Disseminating information on STEM childhood education events of interest to the group's members.
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STPF Social Group: Fellows for Wellness

This social group aims to promote wellness, physical activity and work life balance in the lives of AAAS fellows. This group helps plan group wellness, exercise or nutrition activities adjacent to and beyond current fellow activities. It is also used to share tips on wellness, physical activity, and overall work life balance. The groupsÕ mission is to provide encouragement and support for AAAS fellows in achievement of their individual wellness, balance and overall health goals, regardless of their level of fitness.
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STPF Social Group: Happy Hour

This social group plans happy hours every Friday for current and alumni DC-area STPF fellows
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