Alumni Listservs

Current and alumni fellows are very active on a number of useful FELLOWS ONLY listservs. Please contact with any questions.

Listserv Policies
To post: Simply address and send your message to the most appropriate email address above.

Size: Postings larger than 2MB will be held in queue until verified by STPF staff.
Content: Avoid postings that include potentially offensive rants, regardless of how well articulated or relevant to science policy.
Reply all: Responses to the full listserv should be relevant to the majority of subscribers. Short replies (e.g., “me too,” “thank you, “I agree”) should be sent only to the person who originally posted.
Subject Headings: Use the headings below on the subject line of your email to allow listserv members to screen content. If you have a question about which heading to use, feel free to forward your posting to the STPF staff ( who can post it for you.

List of Subject Headings

Discussion: Seeking general input on publications, news topics, etc.
Event: Science, technology, or policy lecture, conference, networking event, workshop, etc.
Housing: Housing opportunities or inquires in DC area.
Question: Seeking specific input, data, contacts, etc. related to science, technology or policy.
Resource: Helpful resources, either personal or professional.
Social: Happy hours, lunches, performances, parties, outings, etc.
Job: Job listings and career-related information (the FellowsCareers listserv is the only place for job postings).