“Added Sugar”on Food Labels Gets Pushback from the Usual Suspects

Previously, I told you about the new FDA proposal to change current nutrition labels on food packaging. There were, in my opinion, some very practical and useful suggestions such as requiring a separate line for “added sugars.” This has drawn criticism from, you guessed it, the food industry. It seems like any time an industry risks a hit to their bottom line due to new regulation, they find something to howl about. This is precisely what they did at a public meeting on June 26th.

Toxic Lunch: Questions Concerning Nutrition Aid Programs in Developing Countries

Twenty three children died of poisoning in the Indian state of Bihar on Tuesday after eating a free midday meal at school. The children fell sick almost immediately, which means they ate a large amount of a highly toxic substance. Sure enough, an organophosphate chemical was found in their bodies upon autopsy. Organophosphates are commonly used in insecticides and solvents, and are highly toxic.

You are What Your Grandmother Ate: How Diet Can Affect Your Genes

We have all heard the saying, “you are what you eat”, but until recently, we had no idea that what your grandparents ate could affect your health, and at a genetic level! Studies show that your grandmother’s childhood nutrition may have influenced your birth weight, or if your grandfather overate between the ages of 9 and 12, you could be more susceptible to diabetes and heart disease.

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