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PODCAST | An Ocean of Sound

By Chris Parsons
In this episode, we chat with STPF alum Heather Spence, a marine biologist and sound artist. She’s also a marine and science advisor in the Department of Energy, where she is exploring the potential

PODCAST | Lekelia Jenkins: Marine conservation, science dance, and being a STEM role model

By Chris Parsons
On this episode, STPF alum and marine conservation scientist Dr. Lekelia (Kiki) Jenkins chats with Dr. Chris Parsons about reducing turtle by-catch in fishing gear and the challenges facing

PODCAST | Black Holes in Fact and Fiction Featuring Dr. Joe Pesce

By Chris Parsons
This episode's guest, Joe Pesce, is the Program Director in the Division of Astronomical Sciences at the National Science Foundation. Dr. Pesce is an astrophysicist with 30 years of experience and an

PODCAST | From the Distant Ocean Past to the Next Generation of Ocean Scientists

By Chris Parsons
Our guest on this episode is Dr. Terry Quinn, the Director of the Division of Ocean Sciences at the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF). Dr. Quinn talks about his research on corals and

PODCAST | Science Communication and One Health

By Leslie Brooks
Sci on the Fly's guest for this episode is STPF alum fellow Deborah Thomson. Dr. Thomson is a veterinarian and “One Health” advocate who has served as a Science Policy Advisor in the United States

PODCAST | Whale Conservation and the International Whaling Commission

By Chris Parsons
Secretary of the International Whaling Commission, Dr. Rebecca lent spoke with Sci on the Fly about the history and evolution of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) – one of the oldest