A Tune-Up for the U.S. Innovation Engine

A common mantra of economists and politicians is that “innovation is the engine of U.S. economic growth,” and one of the best fuels for that engine is investments in research and development (R&D). One study estimated that for every one percent increase in R&D spending as much as $122 billion in 2017 dollars is added to the U.S. economy. However, with stagnant gross domestic R&D spending over the last decade and anemic productivity and wage growth, many economists feel that the U.S.

Incredible Innovation 1: DIY Pharmaceutical Kit

Sometimes the most disruptive technology is one that slips under the radar and is not appreciated by investors or customers until long after it is introduced into the marketplace. Take iPhone, for example. We can even appreciate the enthusiasm for the next antibody drug. But, organic synthesis?

Recently, a group of engineers and scientists led by MIT researchers and their collaborators, published a new method for chemical synthesis that I believe will revolutionize the development of products requiring chemical intermediates.

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