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Taking Networking to Heart

Will Sander, 2013-15 Executive Branch Fellow at Environmental Protection Agency, knows how to work a room. As the volunteer webmaster for One Health Academy (OHA), he is part of an informal group of
Meyer-Morse during her days a AAAS S&T Policy Fellow®.

Taking a Leap from Federal to State Level Policy

These days, Nicole Meyer-Morse (2011-13 Executive Branch Fellow, Department of Defense – DoD) can be found at the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services. She took her AAAS Fellowship

Years in Fellowship Benefits Oceans Today

Policy areas and skills that I gained exposure to during my fellowship years continue to open doors for me today.

Developments at the Nexus of Water and Energy

Water and energy systems are inextricably intertwined. In communities, each is needed to produce the other and each is vital to daily life. National attention on the interplay between water and energy

Fellows Tackle Climate Change and Bring Making to the People

Many fellows form affinity groups to provide a forum to meet and discuss issues in specific areas of interest related to science and policy. The Energy and Climate Affinty Group and the Social Science

Deploying Strategic Science to Respond to Crises

Science is increasingly called upon by the Department of the Interior (DOI) to respond to major environmental crises. DOI has significant responsibilities to protect people and resources and engage in