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The Art of Science Policy

Exhibit Closed September 27, 2013

Author C.P. Snow famously described a gap between scientists and “literary intellectuals,” igniting a debate over whether the “two cultures” could work in tandem – or even relate to each other – for the improvement of society.   This exhibit examines a similar dichotomy: can art, especially visual expression, enhance our understanding of the policy dimensions of science? 

In honor of the 40th anniversary of AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships, 16 artists from across the United States are featured in The Art of Science Policy . Their work is as diverse as the science policy issues spanning the past four decades.

Exhibiting Artists: Mia Bromwell, Aliza Waxman, Nancer Lemoins, Ellyn Weiss, Tara Cronin, Michael Glenwood, Ben Grasso, Danny Bowman, Lisa Hiatt, Kyle Warren, Ellen Weinstein, Christopher Locke, Mary Edna Fraser, Pop-Atomic Studios, Ron Miller, Gwenn Seemel, Ryan Murphy, and Samantha Dempsey.

With special thanks to: Hilary-Morgan Watt, Yolanda George, Kavita M. Berger, Erin Heath, Shirley Malcom, Sara Spizzirri, and Al Teich

Associated Exhibit Events

Visualizing Science Policy in 20x20 and Gallery Open House
20 September 2013
AAAS Art Gallery

AAAS S&T Policy Fellows will join some of the artists from the show to explore the complexities of today’s science policy issues through projects from academia, government, industry, non-profits and the arts arena. Participants have challenged themselves to think visually; each will present their work via a format of 20 slides that appear for 20 seconds each. Join us for this fast-paced event highlighting compelling issues and exciting projects.   

Read the article on the event titled, Both Artists and Scientists Observe, Ask Questions, Even Propose Solutions.


The project is co-sponsored by the AAAS Art Committee and the AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships program.