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Format: 2019-06
Format: 2019-06
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PODCAST | Funding the “Raindrops:" DoD and the US Research Ecosystem
by Rushyannah Killens-Cade, David Stout

The Department of Defense (DoD) shares a symbiotic relationship with the U.S. research ecosystem -- one that has generated tremendous breakthroughs...

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Consent in the context of genetic information: Does it really only belong to you?
by Shanni Silberberg, Lucy Erickson

“Genetics isn’t just about you. It’s about your family, too.” -- 23andMe Remember the Cambridge Analytica scandal, when Facebook allowed some...

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Living with Environmental Change
by Joan Aron, Allyson Kennedy, Britta Voss

Science has the capacity to bring together people, ideas, and solutions across borders, disciplines, sectors, ideologies, and traditions. This was...

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Do No Harm: An Ethical Data Life Cycle
by Vandana Janeja

Ethics generally works on the principles of do no harm. Although research protocols to protect human beings have been in place for a while now, the...

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Increasing participation of women in computing fields: A data science perspective
by Vandana Janeja, Lucy Erickson

We live in an age when everyone understands the importance and pervasiveness of data—the pictures we take, the activities we track, the transactions...

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Blockchain: What is it really?
by Justin Li

Blockchain. Blockchain. Blockchain. You've probably heard this term thrown around quite a bit over the last year. And before that, you likely heard...

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1.5 to Stay Alive!
by Gillian Bowser, Elisabeth Gilmore

With much fanfare, in 2015, under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), The 21st Convention of Parties (COP21) adopted The Paris...

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Advances In Science Propel Optimism
by Sutyajeet Soneja

This blog highlights excerpts from Dr. Sutyajeet Soneja’s 20x20 presentation at the AAAS Visualizing Science Policy Summit on October 17, 2018....

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PODCAST | Neuroethical Perspectives on Cognitive Enhancement
by Carlos Faraco

Advances in drug development and neurotechnology over the last century have noticeably increased our ability to target cognitive-behavioral networks...

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Climate Change and the Oceans
by Judith Weis

A version of this post was first published in the East Hampton Star on September 14, 2017. The views expressed in this post do not necessarily...

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