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PODCAST | Harnessing the Data Revolution for Food, Energy and Water Systems

Ryan Locicero
Aug 15, 2018

Description:  Ryan Locicero, environmental engineer and AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow at the National Science Foundation, speaks with Ranveer Chandra at the Microsoft Research Lab. As a principal researcher, Chandra leads an Incubation on IoT Applications. His research has shipped as part of multiple Microsoft products, including VirtualWiFi in Windows 7 onwards, low power Wi-Fi in Windows 8, Energy Profiler in Visual Studio, Software Defined Batteries in Windows 10, and the Wireless Controller Protocol in XBOX One. He has published more than 80 papers, and has been granted more than 85 patents by the USPTO. His research has been cited by the media including The Economist, MIT Technology Review, BBC, Scientific American, New York Times, and the WSJ. He also leads the battery research project and the white space networking projects. Here he discusses Microsoft’s FarmBeats project, which is building several unique solutions to enable data-driven farming, including low-cost sensors, drones, machine vision, and machine learning algorithms.


Host: Ryan Locicero, PhD, P.E., Environmental Engineering

2016-2018 Executive Branch Fellow at the National Science Foundation


Guest: Ranveer Chandra, Ph.D., Computer Science

Principal Investigator, Microsoft Research



Ryan Locicero, PhD, P.E. Environmental Engineering

2016-2018 Executive Branch Fellow at the National Science Foundation


Co-Director and Executive Producer:

Carlos Faraco, Ph.D., Neuroscience
2016-2018 Executive Branch Fellow at the National Institute of Justice


Image Credentials:

Ranveer Chandra

Ryan Locicero

Ryan is an environmental engineer with a background in hydrology, ecology, watershed management, educational outreach, K-12 STEM education, and strategic planning.


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