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PODCAST | How a Scientist Serves as an Elected Official During COVID-19

Julie Palakovich Carr is a scientist who now serves as a state legislator in the Maryland House of Delegates. We spoke to her this past June, and she discussed her transition from academic research to policymaking, her work related to COVID-19, and how the global pandemic changed her work. She also provided some advice for any scientist considering running for office or looking for other ways of getting involved in policy and government.


Host: Brynn Hollingsworth, Ph.D., 2019-20 Executive Branch Fellow, National Institutes of Health (Instagram: @flyingsciencefish)
Guest: Julie Palakovich Carr (Twitter: @palakovichcarr)


Producer: Brynn Hollingsworth, Ph.D., 2019-20 Executive Branch Fellow, National Institutes of Health (Instagram: @flyingsciencefish)

Executive Producer: Phil Ko, Ph.D., 2019-20 Executive Branch Fellow, National Science Foundation
Image: Maryland State Flag, Michael Wheeler / Public domain

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