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PODCAST | Making the Connection Between COVID-19 and One Health

Understanding the science of viral transmission and pandemics is now critical, especially for younger generations. In this episode, STPF fellow and veterinarian Deborah Thomson discusses how the One Health framework provides a holistic understanding of the coronavirus SARS CoV-2 and its related disease COVID-19. She also discusses how One Health informed her work as a veterinarian and how she now uses it to teach students around the world about COVID-19. 

You can find more information about Dr. Thomson’s educational efforts at


Host: Phil Ko, Ph.D. 2019-20 Executive Branch Fellow, National Science Foundation 

Guest: Deborah Thomson, DVM, 2019-20 Congressional Science & Engineering Fellow


Executive Producer: Phil Ko 

Image: Kyle Novak, Ph.D., 2017-19 Executive Branch Fellow, 2019-20 Congressional Science & Engineering Fellow

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