PODCAST | What makes a data scientist?

Claire Schulkey
Feb 7, 2017

"Data Scientist" is listed as the “Sexiest Job of the 21st Century” by the Harvard Business Review, but what is data science and what do data scientists do? Claire Schulkey investigated the question at International Data Week speaking with Amy Nurnberger and Sarah Callaghan, two data professionals, and she heard from the chief data scientist at the New York Times to figure out what makes a data professional, how people get into the field, and what they do all day.

Host: Claire Schulkey, Ph.D.Computational and Systems Biology 2015-2017 Executive Branch Fellow at the National Institutes of Health Chris Wiggins, Ph.D. Chief Data Scientist, New York Times Mark Parsons Research Data Alliance, Secretary General Amy Nurnberger Research Data Manager, Columbia University Twitter: @DataAtCU Sarah Callaghan, Ph.D. Senior Scientific Researcher and Project Manager, British Atmospheric Data Centre Twitter: @sor
Carlos Faraco, Ph.D. Neuroscience 2016-17 Judicial Branch Fellow at the National Institute of Justice

Claire Schulkey

Claire is a computational biologist with a background in biomedical research, specifically in the area of complex genetic disease.


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