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2005 Fellows in the News

Christophe McCray, 2005-06 Defense Policy Fellow, focuses on battlefield forensics research in the Office of Naval Research at the Department of Defense. For more information, click here.

On October 20, 2005, the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs honored four AAAS Diplomacy Fellows for their exceptional efforts in promoting U.S. environmental, scientific, and health policies internationally: Anish GoelMargaret McCauley, Ana Villegas, and Winston Yu.

Peter deFur, 1989-90 Environmental Fellow, recently announced his candidacy for the Virginia House of Delegates.

Alex Dehgan, 2003-05 Diplomacy Fellow, was awarded a Superior Honor Award for his outstanding work in Iraq, Near East Affairs, and for his work on the Iraqi Virtual Library. It is the third highest award in the U.S. Department of State.

David Goldblatt's, 2003-04 Risk Policy Fellow, recently published his book, Sustainable Energy Consumption and Society.

Jill Engel-Cox, 1998-99 Environmental Fellow, recently published "Science-policy data compact: use of environmental monitoring data for air quality policy," Engel-Cox, J. and R. Hoff, in Environmental Science and Policy, Volume 8, Issue 2, pp. 115-131, April 2005.

Benn Tannenbaum, 2002-03 APS Congressional Fellow, testified at a hearing entitled "Detecting Nuclear Weapons and Radiological Materials: How Effective is Available Technology?" held jointly by the Subcommittee on Prevention of Nuclear and Biological Attack and the Subcommittee on Emergency Preparedness, Science, and Technology of the Committee on Homeland Security on June 21.

Winston Yu, 2003-05 Diplomacy Fellow, has been accepted into the World Bank's prestigious Young Professionals Program beginning in September.

Jeff Albert, 2004-05 Environmental Fellow, has been awarded an EPA Bronze Medal for his work as part of the Tsunami Relief Effort Team.

Virginia Vitzthum, 1998-99 Diplomacy Fellow and 2001-02 NSF Fellow, recently published "Hormonal Contraception and Physiology: A Research-based Theory of Discontinuation Due to Side Effects" with Karin Ringheim in Studies in Family Planning 2005; 36[1]: 13–32).

Bruce Alberts, NAS President, highlights the AAAS Fellowship Programs in his farewell address.

Craig Cobane, 2004-05 AAAS Defense Policy Fellow, has been selected as a Distinguished Alumnus by the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. For more information click here.

Roberta Downing, 2004-05 APA Congressional Fellow, had her manuscript, "The Perceived Influence of Developmental Relationships on Undergraduate Women’s Pursuit of Science," accepted for publication inPsychology of Women Quarterly.

Joe Helble, 2004-05 AAAS Revelle Fellow, has been named Dean of Engineering at Dartmouth.

Mary T. Tyszkiewicz, 1993-94 ACS Congressional Fellow, has been named Senior Researcher and the Homeland Security Institute (HSI).

Norman Schneidewind, 2004-05 IEEE Congressional Fellow, has recently published the following papers:

Norman F. Schneidewind, "Predicting Risk as a Function of Risk Factors", The R & M Engineering Journal, American Society for Quality, March 1 2005, Volume 25, Issue No.1.

Norman F. Schneidewind, "Predicting risk as a function of risk factors", Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering, Springer-Verlag 20

Jana Davis, 2004-05 AGU Congressional Fellow, has recently published the following papers:

JLD Davis, M Eckert-Mills, AC Young-Williams, AH Hines, Y Zohar. 2005. Morphological conditioning of a hatchery-raised invertebrate to improve field
survivorship in stock enhancement programs. Aquaculture 243: 147-158

JLD Davis. 2005. Getting closer to Congress: A scientist's arrival on Capitol Hill. Eos 86: 103

Susan Polan, 1994-95 AAAS Congressional Fellow, named Associate Executive Director for Public Affairs and Advocacy for the American Public Health Association (APHA).

2004-05 AAAS Fellows Play Key Roles in Tsunami Relief Campaign.

Montgomery McFate organized the Office of Naval Research Conference on Cultural Knowledge and National Security. For more information, click here.

Alexander Dehgan, current AAAS Diplomacy Fellow, discusses his here.