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Cultures Magazine

Cultures Collects Stories to Grow Community

Fresh off the presses in January was the first issue of Cultures magazine, a new publication of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) that explores the intersection of science, policy, and global challenges by bringing diverse voices to a common platform. As ASM’s director for international affairs, alumnus Jason Rao, 2002-03 Executive Branch Fellow at the State Department, is the magazine’s creator and editor-in-chief. Chairing the magazine’s advisory board is the former editor-in-chief of Science, Bruce Alberts.

Cultures is for everyone: from non-scientists, to those working tirelessly at the bench each day making tiny steps toward the global good. Cultures lets you see the fruit of science’s labor, beyond the lab, and provides a platform for all to contribute,” says Rao. “For me personally, it’s the culmination of all my experiences, from the bench to the West Wing, and my hope is that it brings together a greater diversity of voices toward meeting the global challenges we collectively must overcome.”

The first issue posed this question: “What is the role of scientists in meeting today’s grand challenges?” The magazine will publish quarterly and seeks contributions from individuals interested in science diplomacy and global engagement. To learn more about the next issue's theme and submission requirements, email Cultures is distributed in print format and an interactive online version is accessible at