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Fellows in Print: April 2017

Fellows in Print brings you policy-related publications by or about STPF fellows. Enjoy!

Charles B. Wright, 2016-2017 Executive Branch Fellow at NIH
Closing Kynect and Restructuring Medicaid Threaten Kentucky’s Health and Economy. Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law. 5/08/2017.


Robert Fares, 2016-17 Executive Branch Fellow at DOE
Adam Rosenblatt, 2016-17 Executive Branch Fellow at DOE
Science and Clarity in the chemical Fog of War. War on the Rocks. 5/03/2017.


Chris Schaffer, 2012-13 Legislative Branch Fellow
Maurice Crawford, 1997-98 Executive Branch Fellow at USAID
From Alaska to Georgia, Why 6 Scientists Will March on Washington. The Chronicle of Higher Education. 4/21/2017.


William Farneth, 2004-05 Executive Branch Fellow at State
The March for Science. The NY Times. 4/20/2017.


Diana S. Weber, 2015-17 Executive Branch Fellow at NSF
Karen A. Alroy, 2014-16 Executive Branch Fellow at NSF
Phylogenetic Insight into Zika and emerging Viruses for a Perspective on Potential Hosts.  EcoHealth. 4/18/20017.


Tracey-Ann Wellington, 2016-17 Executive Branch Fellow at State
The Impact of the Proliferation Security Initiative on the Interdiction of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Center for Strategic & International Studies Project on Nuclear Issues. April 2017.


April Melvin, 2014-16 Executive Branch Fellow at EPA
Estimating wildfire response costs in Alaska’s changing climate. Climatic Change. April 2017.


Webcast: Addressing the Science of Diversity, STPF Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Affinity Group, 3/27/2017.


Joseph Helble, 1992-93 Executive Branch Fellow at EPA, 2004-05 Legislative Branch Fellow
They’re afraid to come’: University leaders worry Trump policies will deter international scholars. The Washington Post. 3/24/2017.


Jenifer Buckley, 2016-17 Executive Branch Fellow at EPA
Collingridge’s dilemma and the early ethical assessment of emerging technology: The case of nanotechnology enabled biosensors. Technology in Society. February 2017.