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Fellows in Print: August 2017

Fellows in Print brings you policy-related publications by or about STPF fellows. Enjoy!

Robert Fares, 2016-18 Executive Branch Fellow at DOE
Senate Advances Bill Undermining Trump Administration's Energy Research Cuts. Scientific American. 7/25/2017.
Is Activism or Moderation the Surest Path to Decarbonization?. Scientific American. 6/30/2017.
Landmark 100 Percent Renewable Energy Study Flawed, Say 21 Leading Experts. Scientific American. 6/23/2017.


Stephanie Rodriguez, 2015-17 Executive Branch Fellow at NSF
Introducing Stephanie Rodriguez, the new Director of STEM Policy. After School Alliance. 7/24/2017.


Michael Mascia, 2001-03 Executive Branch Fellow at EPA
Conservation science tackles a perplexing subject: people. Conservation International Blog. 7/24/2017. 


Don Engel, 2006-07 APS Legislative Branch Fellow
UMBC’s Don Engel selected for inaugural cohort of APLU Research Leader Fellows. UMBC News. 7/18/2017.


Elizabeth Wiley, 2016-18 Executive Branch Fellow at USDA, et al.
FDA Collaborates to Promote Safety, Quality in Clinical Trials Done in India. USDA Blog. 7/12/2017.


Todd Capson, 2008-10 Executive Branch Fellow at State, et al.
ACIDIFICATION DES OCEANS : Une menace que le Sénégal se doit d’étudier, de comprendre, et d’anticiper. SudQuotidieu. 7/08/2017. (French Language)


Jimmy Zumba, 2016-17 ASA CSSA SSSA Legislative Branch Fellow
Science Advocacy and Politics. CSA News. 7/06/2017.


David Hewitt, 2008-10 Executive Branch Fellow at EPA, et al.
The severely under-recognized public health risk of strongyloidiasis in North American cities—A One Health approach. Zoonoses and Public Health. 7/02/2017.

Daniel Pomeroy, 2013-14 AGU Legislative Fellow
Lessons from the March for Science. APS Forum on Physics and Society.  July 2017.


Melinda Gormley, 2015-16 Executive Branch Fellow at EPA, et al.
Dollars and Deadlines: Rule Reforms in Short Time Frames. The American Journal of Bioethics. 6/29/2017.


Jonathan Trinastic, 2016-18 Executive Branch Fellow at DOE
Science Policy Challenges, Part Four: Information Overload. GotScience. 6/28/2017.


Ekaette Mbong, 2014-16 Executive Branch Fellow at NSF and NIH
Meet a Scientist, Updates, Blog Post. 500womenscientists. 6/26/2017.

Clare Rowland, 2016-18 Executive Branch Fellow at Millennium Challenge Corporation
People are at the Heart of the Data Revolution. Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data. 6/25/2017


Alan Arnold, 2016-18 Executive Branch Fellow at NSF
Rebecca Bates, 2011-12 Executive Branch Fellow at NSF, et al.
Career Arcs that Blend Industry, Government and Military Service with Faculty Experiences to Increase Diversity in the Engineering Professoriate. 2017 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition. 6/25/2017.


Randy Wadkins, 2015-16 Biophysical Society Legislative Fellow
Randy Wadkins, a cancer drug researcher spurred to action by Trump’s science skepticism. Los Angeles Times. 6/16/2017.