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Group of STPF staff in the UK with Lord Des Browne.

Takeaways from AAAS Visit to the UK

This past November, a AAAS delegation traveled to the UK to celebrate 30 years of AAAS Science International, which provides editorial and business presence in the UK and Europe for the Science family of journals, and aspirations for the future. The AAAS group also met with partners at the Royal Society and several other partners in the area.
A yellow fork and a pen overlapping with text: 2023 Breakthrough of the year.

Science 2023 Breakthrough of the Year

Sparking much excitement was the discovery that glucagon like peptide-1 (GLP1) agonist drugs can be used to blunt obesity-associated health problems. Originally developed to treat type 2 diabetes, they’re showing promising results and challenging perceptions about obesity.

PODCAST | Science Helps Us… Create the Future of Computing

By Stephanie Gage
Computing is a ubiquitous part of our everyday lives and rapid advances continue to shape the way we work and live. In the fourth episode of our “Science Helps Us…” series, Dr. Margaret Martonosi
Featured Fellows
Terilyn D.

“My experience as a AAAS STPF [fellow]...laid the foundation for my career over the past twenty years. Engaging with biodiversity policies and programs around the world gave me the opportunity to understand their implementation and impact from the top down and the bottom up.” Leveraging that experience, Teri Allendorf (2000-2002 Executive Branch Fellow at USAID) is now the executive director of Community Conservation, a non-profit that supports communities around the world to protect biodiversity. Image: Birendra Mahato  


Recently named head of Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory National Security Analysis Department, Andrew Mara (2008-10 Executive Branch Fellow at the Dept. of Defense) leads a 200-person department that informs and delivers the analytic foundation for technology and policy related decisions. "The STPF fellowship was the experience that taught me how to apply academic research skills to real world national security challenges; it was absolutely the launchpad for my career!"


Last month, Rachel Radell-Harris (2007-08 Legislative Branch Fellow) was sworn in as Mayor of Auburn, CA and brings a fresh perspective to the city’s future. “My year as a AAAS [STPF]/ASCE fellow in Senator Dianne Feinstein’s office was an important stepping stone on my path to running for Auburn City Council...I am honored that I will have the opportunity to use what I learned as a fellow to serve my community as Mayor.”