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Image of the Supreme Court building

Amid changing legal landscape, AAAS makes a statement on fostering DEI

As the legal landscape evolves, AAAS remains steadfast in its organizational imperative to increase opportunities and enable equitable pathways for all people to participate in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine. Image: The Supreme Court | Architect of the Capitol
Quote from a fellow in June's Live Chat.

Future policy fellows chat with current ones

There’s no better way to understand what it’s like to be an STPF fellow than to talk to an STPF fellow. For prospective applicants, STPF holds a series of live chats featuring current and alumni fellows who share their experiences.
2022 AAAS Annual Report Cover

A look back on last year: The AAAS Annual Report

2022 was replete with milestones for the science community and for AAAS, from policy accomplishments to efforts that are transforming our leadership structure. With input from members, donors and partners, AAAS is fueled by a new vision for a future we are striving to build: a boldly inclusive, mobilized and global scientific community that ignites, enables and celebrates excellence and science-informed decisions and actions. (Easter egg alert: page 24!)
Featured Fellows

“The STPF fellowship gave me the opportunity to learn more about Federal policymaking and program development which helped me land my current role,” said Kevin Morris (2021-23 Executive Branch Fellow, National Science Foundation) who is now a program officer for workforce development at the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute.


Congrats to Sci on the Fly podcast executive producer Reshmina William (2021-22 fellow, Federal Judicial Center; 2022-23 fellow, Dept. of Energy) on her new position at Isle Utilities. "I see myself as a storyteller - through music, through podcasting, through data...I aim to use these skills I've developed as a STPF fellow to allow communities and share their water stories, and connect them with folks in industry who can help them sustainably meet their needs in a changing world."