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Signs from the March for Science

Scientific Groups Vow to Carry On the Spirit of the March for Science

Leaders of many scientific societies and associations pledge in a joint statement to build on the momentum sparked by the March for Science and continue defending the scientific enterprise.
STPF Fellows Get Personal

STPF Fellows Get Personal

The four scientists gathered to give talks on a Thursday night in Washington generated more laughing, crying and shouts of support from the audience than one would expect. That’s because these weren’t
Policy and Science at the Department of Justice

Policy and Science at the Department of Justice

“I never knew the Department of Justice [DOJ] had a science agency,” Iris Wagstaff , 2015-16 Executive Branch Fellow, recalls thinking after learning about it at “finalist interview week” for the AAAS
Highlights from Sci on the Fly: May 2017

Highlights from Sci on the Fly: May 2017

Podcast: Scientists are People Too, Episode 1 Host and current fellow at the National Institutes of Health Danielle Friend introduces listeners to a new podcast series “Scientists are People Too” in
Featured Fellows

2000-2001 Legislative Branch Fellow and 2003-2004 Executive Branch Fellow Elizabeth Cameron joined the Nuclear Threat Initiative in April as senior director for global biological policy and programs. 


1985-1986 Executive Branch Fellow Kerri-Ann Jones is now a vice president at PEW Charitable Trusts, directing an agenda focused on advancing research and science. Before PEW, Jones was assistant secretary of state for oceans and international environment and scientific affairs at the Department of State. 


2012-2014 Executive Branch Fellow Dorothy Jones-Davis has recently become the executive director of Nation of Makers, a new national nonprofit striving to support a full range of organizations that impact the maker community. In this role, she will expand on maker activities she was involved with as a fellow.