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Capitol Dome in Boise, Idaho

Policy Fellowships Are Taking Root Well Beyond Washington

It’s been a good season for policy fellowships. While AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships (STPF) operate at the federal level, there are a handful of fellowship programs that operate at other
Shubha Ghosh

Economics Training Strengthens the Connection Between Science and Policymaking

AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellows (STPF) with training in economics say they can bring an important and different point of view that helps policymakers make better decisions.
Scientists eager to understand science policymaking, particularly in the legislative and executive branches have made the CASE workshop a must-attend event. | Anne Q. Hoy/AAAS

CASE in Point: Graduate Science Students Seek Public Policy Training

Chris Bolden, a Ph.D. candidate researching drug addiction, was thrilled with the outcome of two Arkansas congressional delegation staff meetings as part of an American Association for the Advancement
Featured Fellows

This June, Women's Health Research will welcome Lucy Erickson, 2017-19 Executive Branch Fellow at NSF, as its new director of scientific programs. “Since starting the fellowship, the horizon of possibility is a bit broader: my fellowship experience really opened my eyes to what kinds of career paths exist beyond the traditional academic path, and to how many different ways there are to make an impact on the world while drawing on my scientific training,” she said.


Kristin Lewis, 2014-16 Executive Branch Fellow at NASA, is back at AAAS – this time as a staffer! She directs the Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellowship and co-leads the IF/THEN Ambassadors program. “My STPF fellowship directly led to my involvement with the Fourth National Climate Assessment, which is a highlight of my career. The network of talented fellows that I gained helps me continue to grow even long after my fellowship was over. I'm excited to come back and help provide a meaningful fellowship experience to Mass Media Fellows."