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Countering Science Misinformation

Since its earliest days, the pandemic has surged across the globe along with a tide of misinformation about the disease’s causes, origins, treatments, and prevention. The rise in scientific misinformation was on the mind of AAAS videographer and multimedia editor Neil Orman when he created a video series on how AAAS-affiliated researchers, including STPF alum Astrid Caldas and Collene Lawhorn, are pushing back against this trend.
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How Diversity Improves Science and Technology

Some of the nation’s top experts and decision-makers on public policy matters impacting the science, engineering, and academic communities convened for the 46th Annual AAAS Science & Technology Policy Forum in October.
Featured Fellows

Frances Colón (2006-08 fellow at the State Department) was named a Member of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. "My fellowship gave me real-world training in policymaking. It positively disrupted my scientist understanding of influence, framing issues for audiences, and the power of networks. These experiences and networks opened doors for the work I do today at Center for American Progress and serving on PCAST."


Congrats to Jenelle Krishnamoorthy who is now Vice President of Global Public Policy, Corporate Affairs at Merck. “My STPF fellowships in Congress and the State Department gave me the domestic and international policy depth, political insight and application of science in diverse settings, to distinguish myself as the perfect leader to head Merck’s policy and international teams worldwide,” she said.