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Several Alumni Fellows Join Moniz's New Policy Shop

by Robin Bravender and Katherine Ling, E&E reporters
Greenwire: Tuesday, November 12, 2013

There's a new office generating buzz and big expectations at the Department of Energy.

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, who launched the policy shop as part of a larger DOE overhaul, is stocking it with top talent from the climate and energy arenas and is giving it big responsibilities for carrying out President Obama's climate change plan.

"It's where all the cool kids on the block are going," said a former DOE senior staff member who's now an energy consultant. "They are the rock stars of DOE."...

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This new team of energy rock stars includes several AAAS S&T Policy Fellows:

  • Karen Wayland, 2001-2002 AGU Congressional fellow, who will head up state and local coordination in the new office.
  • Jonathan Pershing, 1990-1992 DSD fellow, joined the team as principal deputy director.
  • Hugh Chen, 2004-2005 Defense Policy fellow, joined the team as deputy director for finance, incentives and program analysis.
  • James Nachbaur, 2012-14 EEA fellow, is a current fellow assigned to the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.