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Taking Networking to Heart

Will Sander, 2013-15 Executive Branch Fellow at Environmental Protection Agency,  knows how to work a room. As the volunteer webmaster for One Health Academy (OHA), he is part of an informal group of Washingtonians committed to advancing health through motivating, mentoring, and networking. The organization encourages professionals from a wide array of disciplines to work across health issues by convening members once a month to learn and discuss specific health issues.

Here's what Sander said about his experience.

Q: What have you gained from your role?

A: As the main point of contact, I meet many new people, growing my personal network. I have also been able to build on previous experience in facilitating our meetings. I help get the word out to more people, and to a certain extent, I help shape who comes to speak and the topics we cover.

Q: What motivated you to volunteer?

A: I knew a lot more could be done to raise the group’s visibility, so I volunteered to take on the webpage, email duties, and social media presence. My goal is to have every gathering filled to capacity.

Q: Is there any overlap between your involvement here and your fellowship?

A: There is definitely a link between the two. Many of the people that attend OHA meetings are current and alumni fellows. Back when I was applying for the fellowship, I met fellows and got the opportunity to learn from them about placements, interviewing, and other aspects of the fellowship. In January, we have a Congressional fellow sponsored by the AVMA as our speaker.