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PODCAST | AAAS 2018 Live: Linguistic Patterns in Human Development

Brad Cooke
Aug 15, 2018

Bradley Cooke, a neuroscientist and current AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow at the National Science Foundation, speaks with Benjamin Munson, professor of speech and hearing science at the University of Minnesota, College of Liberal Arts. They discuss language acquisition and speech patterns in children, and how that may differ based on gender identity, group identity and social cognition. They also discuss variations across children with respect to how their speech adheres to norms for their biological sex. For example, is the extent to which a boy’s speech sounds boy-like related to measures of their gender identity? 



Host: Bradley Cooke, Ph.D., Biopsychology
2017-2018 Executive Branch Fellow at the National Science Foundation

Benjamin Munson, Ph.D., Speech and Hearing Science

Professor and Chair of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences, University of Minnesota



Beth Linas, Ph.D., Infectious Disease Epidemiology

2015-2017 Executive Branch Fellow at the National Science Foundation


Co-Director and Executive Producer:

Carlos Faraco, Ph.D., Neuroscience
2016-2018 Executive Branch Fellow at the National Institute of Justice


Image Credentials:

Benjamin Munson

Dr. Bradley M. Cooke

Brad Cooke

Brad is a passionate communicator and experienced scientist who is trained in neuroscience and psychology.


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